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McSorley Property Group

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Established in 2016. As a Senior Negotiation Consultant, I was traveling Tuesday - Saturday, 5 weeks at a time with 1 week off in between. After 3.5 years of being away from my wife and young children, I knew it was time to make a change. Ever since I got out of the Army, I have wanted to get into real estate. After my friend's horror stories about their experiences with Realtors and having my own bad experience with our house purchase, I decided this was the perfect time. With my sales background and my expert negotiation skills, starting my own real estate company was a natural and perfectly timed segue. My business is my client, PERIOD. I am in this for my client, not for a paycheck. I believe if you focus on helping others get what they want & not worry about what you're going to get, you will eventually get what you want. I am in this to try and save as many people as I can from having the same bad experience myself, my friends and my clients have had with other Realtors.

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