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Spectrum Property Management

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Spectrum Property Management has over 20 years of experience in rental property management and offers full-service property management at wholesale rates. Landlord Station Best of 2015 - Vendors Directory LandlordStationYelp Yelp Many types of properties Spectrum works with nearly every type of property, including town homes, twin homes, single- and multi-family dwellings, and even properties for HOAs. We also manage rent-to-purchase opportunities. Incredibly low turnover indicates top satisfaction rates At any given time, we maintain a 98%+ occupancy rate and have very low turnover from both renters and property owners. Most property managers get paid more to have people move in, so they aren’t interested in maintaining long-term relationships with renters, but Spectrum Property Management has great tenant retention rates and we work to keep owners happy by helping tenants be happy. Timely rent collection In addition to offering renters the ability to pay rent online, we offer direct deposits to owners, so they get their money faster. Online portals for renters and owners Spectrum offers online portals for both renters and owners which allows them to deal with financial matters, view monthly and year-end statements, coordinate maintenance requests and property inspections, and more. While everyone has easy access to our team, the fact that online access is available 24/7 simplifies things for everyone. Tenant screening Our computerized system and thorough screening processes help reduce the risk of surprises for owners.

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