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Property Management Systems Inc

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During the Great Depression, many homes were lost to foreclosure. As a result the banks had a problem they had never had before. They now had an enormous amount of abandoned properties on hand that needed to be cared for. Hence the new need for a property management department. As such, a new profession was also created. As a young man, John Holland, our company’s founder and CEO began working and caring for the properties with Tracy Collins Bank. This new-found passion developed into a career for John and his wife Jean, as they began to purchase properties while John was attending Graduate school at the University of Utah and Jean was teaching elementary school. Soon they ventured out on their own and began a property management company. At first it was run out of the family home until they were able to purchase their office location at 3480 S. Highland Drive. After outgrowing the space there, the company relocated to 262 E. 3900 S. which is where it has been for nearly 20 years.

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